I'm Chanelle and I am Mum to one with my partner of close to 9 years. I am originally from Auckland, New Zealand. My family still all live over there, and yes I miss them all the time, but this is home now. I arrived in Perth in 2012 and absolutely love all the sunshine this state brings with it... not so much the flys though, not sure if I'll ever get used to those!

I have had an affinity with photography since my early childhood. I remember I used to enjoy those old disposable film cameras you could buy and would even try and take photos for kids show competitions, although my skill level back then was zilch. I eventually purchased a digital point and shoot while in high school, and still, really enjoy going back through images that were taken on it. One day that camera died and nothing ever replaced it until my daughter was born in 2013. This is when my spark for photography was reignited and I developed a serious interest and gained a lot of enjoyment from capturing our everyday moments. 

Now here I am, after through reading countless blogs, participating in online workshops and putting the theory into practice on family and friends, ready to document another chapter for your family memoirs. I can’t wait to meet you and your family, so please CONTACT me today and let's get to know each other.