Newborn Lifestyle Photography Session - Welcome Ruby Skye

A home is a home, and no home is to small to photograph you and your precious newborn, as I'm about to prove right here. 

I don't have a studio and I actually prefer it that way, because then I can really capture the true essence of who you are as a family with your newborn, but don't let the size of your house deter you from an in-home lifestyle session. All I need is one room to photograph everything you'd ever need to remember about your newest addition, although most homes will at least have two rooms that we can utilise regardless of size, be that the main bedroom and the living room, or the kitchen and the baby's room.

For this session, we had a main bedroom, a living room/kitchen in one - one couch, a tv, a coffee table, no room for a dining table just to give you more of an idea of the size of the room, and then we also had a spare room to work with (which was filled with a lot of boxes and big containers as they were preparing for a move to a bigger, more comfortable home). While this place was to small for this family of three, hence the upcoming move, to dear Ruby, it was her home for the first 3 weeks of her life and so we had made it work, not just to document her, but to also provoke memories that had been made by these guys in the last couple of years that they'd lived there together.
I managed to deliver them just over 50 memorable images. Of course I'm not going to share all 50 with you here today, I imagine you'd only make it half way down before you'd seen enough and gotten the idea - but imagine if that was you and your newborn, I promise you would not get tired of viewing every single image in your gallery over and over again!

Chanelle Megan Photography Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

I'm Chanelle from Chanelle Megan Photography and I am your newborn photographer if you're located in or around Perth! I love shooting candid and authentic images so that you can relive these precious moments time and time again. I also love my own little family, the beach, and a good crossfit session with friends.

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