A Day in the Life; Me, a Lifestyle Photographer.

I attempted a version of my own 'day in the life' styled shoot the other week. This type of photography may seem weird I guess to some, I mean, who goes around documenting themselves and then sharing their otherwise unexciting day? I'm not that vain, but I do believe in making sure that I too exist, by proving it throughout photographs, and because I am a photographer I have the means and skill to be able to do so.

I did choose a day where I didn't have any plans to go anywhere, thereby avoiding strange looks from the public in the instance I was to set up my DSLR in the shop, and instead my only plans were to sit down and knuckle out some editing before heading to crossfit later in the evening. My daughter also came in in the morning with a fever, so she was down and out for most of the day, which then turned out for the best that we didn't have to venture out anywhere. Even though I didn't have a whole lot planned for the day I still struggled to capture all of my everyday activities, (including eating - I do actually consume food haha). I actually started to feel a bit self conscious as well, because I was in my pyjamas for so much of the day haha, but still none the less, this is pretty typical of an editing day for me - so please don't turn up unannounced on my next editing day unless you're also in your pj's. 

I almost feel like I need to explain my day, as some of the images might not make a whole lot of sense to you, but at the same time, these images were for me. They all mean something to me, and I just wanted to share them with you without all the back story at this stage, but to help you see that the world of 'selfies' shouldn't always be regarded as the fun-filled, pretty and vain life, but as a documentation of your existence, be it by yourself or with your family by your side.  

I'm excited to be writing this blog post along side a couple of other beautiful ladies from around the world, all sharing our take on 'A Day in the Life'. Please take a moment to check out their interpretations of the theme. 

If after you have read through this post and decided it's time that you too need to exist in more photos, I am a family and newborn lifestyle photographer based in Perth and would love to be able to capture some family memoirs for you. Please check out my sessions + prices page for more on these, or contact me today.