Grandparents are family too; A Family Lifestyle Photography Session

On this particular session it was the Grandmother who was wanting some lifestyle inspired images with her grandchild to add to her family memoirs.

We chose to go down to their local beach despite the weather not being a perfectly sunny afternoon, (in fact it was pretty damn windy and overcast) but it meant we could do all the running around we wanted and not work up to much of a sweat, because the only thing that this little boy wanted to do was to run, jump and swing. He even tried recruiting me on one of the jumps! Despite all this energy, all I needed was a split second from him to capture a beautiful portrait for them, and so, by turning into a game - I won!

I love all the images that came out of this little beach session, and a reminder that you're never to old to breathe in some fresh salty air, let the wind blow through your hair and get some sand on your skin for the sake of some treasured family photographs.

Look no further for your next Family Photographer in Perth. I will travel to you to capture some beautiful candid and authentic images that you will treasure for years to come. We will run around, play games and you will get to spend an hour or two having some quality family time together, which I know can be quite hard to come by these days. Contact me today to book your Family Lifestyle Photography Session with me.