Mummy & Mila; A Mummy and Me Photography Session.

Before Mother's day I offered a couple of Mummy and Me Photography sessions in celebration of the Mums in our lives.

Despite the crisp morning, these two had themselves dressed just perfect for our Mummy and Me photography session. We had our little session down next to the river, early enough in the morning, that the chill from the night was still very evident. It was such a beautiful morning though, the smoke from recent controlled burns had left, the birds were chirping away and the river had small waves that were ever so slightly lapping up just next to us.

Mila was a very content little darling, continuously admiring the peaceful atmosphere that was surrounding us, so much so that this really was no time to pay attention to the book that her beautiful Mama had brought along. Instead we enjoyed short walks along the riverside and a leisurely swing before they headed off the start their day.

So Mama, yes you, the one that's reading this... when was the last time you were in the picture with any of your kiddos? A picture that's worthy of printing and able to tell a piece of your story? I do not offer Mummy and Me photography sessions on a permanent basis, therefore it is not in my sessions + prices tab, but if you were to ask me for your own session like this, I will most certainly deliver! I think it is one of the most important things that we can do as Mothers, to make sure that we have proof that we were there too, after all, we're the ones doing most of the hard work right?! CONTACT me today and we can discuss your preferences to tailor the right session for you.