Perth Mamas: Friendships & Networking

As a Mama, it can be quite isolating at times, especially if you don't have family nearby or plan on heading back to a 9-5 job any time soon. Thankfully there are places you can go and people you can meet that will leave you feeling a little bit more normal again. Read on to find out how you can get involved and be apart of this little community within Perth.

Perth Mamas Event Photography by Chanelle Megan Photography, your Mummy and Me Photographer within the Perth Community.

Making Friendships & Networking with other like-minded Mums in Perth. 

I'm forever hearing about how others are struggling to manage their social media time. I believe it's such a huge addiction for so many these days - my self included. If it wasn't for my photography business, then I do wonder how active I would still be, but even if you don't have a business, there's a sense of enjoyment that you can get from meeting people online who you relate to, without ever truely giving away your whole identity.

You know what though? There are two aspiring Mothers who have given up their time to build a little community called Perth Mamas. If it wasn't for my daily Instagram use and connecting online with other Mamas around Perth, then I would have never come across this fun space. 

In one of the Perth Mamas Instagram stories I noted that they were looking for a photographer to collaborate with and capture some candid moments during their second meet up. I think I messaged straight away as soon as I saw the advert (I mean candid and authentic photography is my jam right, that and I'm hella passionate about Mamas getting in the frame too), and then it was only afterwards that I questioned myself; for it wasn't the photography part that was a tad nerve wracking, rather the fact that I was going to have to put myself out there and come face to face with so many of these online people who I had been following for quite some time now. I think that if I didn't have my camera in hand, then my introverted self probably never would have attended this event - even though it was literally 8 minutes drive from my house! But it truely was one of the best things I have done, and next time I'm quite certain I won't need my camera to hide behind, now that all those initial face to face meet and greets are out the way. 

This particular event took place at Blasta Brewing Co in Burswood and was the perfect spot for everyone to meet. I noted there were plenty of coffees and baby chinos being passed out as well as the odd wine or two. I myself finished the event with a cider that quenched my thirst so much so, that it would have been very easy to order another if I didn't have to finish my day being a Mum. They also had a massive sandpit that kept the kids well and truely entertained. I can tell you, I'll definitely be bringing my little family back for a breakfast round or drag my friends along here for a Sunday sesh as the summer sun starts to warm us up a bit more!

So what is Perth Mamas all about then? Laura and Lauren are the founders of Perth Mamas and all they really want this space to be, is a friendly and welcoming space to make new friends and network with other biz Mums, although you don't have to own a business to attend. They find the perfect spot to meet so that you buy a coffee or wine during the time together and they encourage you to bring your kids to the events they organise. Some people come by themselves and others bring friends along. The events at the moment are organised to be roughly every month and you can keep up with dates by following them on Instagram @PerthMamas and then also signing up to their mailing list to be sure you don't miss out on anything - like their awesome giveaways that they've been known to have too!

Self Portrait in the window of myself and my daughter at the Perth Mamas Event in August at Blasta Brewing Co by Chanelle Megan Photography
Perth Candid Event Photography. Perth Mamas Meet at Blasta Brewing Co by Chanelle Megan Photography
Event Photography by Chanelle Megan Photography at Blasta Brewing Co Perth
Plenty of coffee and baby chinos available at the Perth Mamas events. Event Photographer: Chanelle Megan Photography in Perth taken at Blasta Brewing Co
Capturing Candid and Authentic moments during a Perth Mamas event by Chanelle Megan Photography
Baby Chinos all round for this little guy at Blasta Brewing Co in Perth. Event photography by Chanelle Megan Photography
Chanelle Megan Photography capturing moments as they unfold at the Perth Mamas event at Blasta Brewing Co
You are gold baby. Solid gold. Perth photographer capturing the details at a Perth Mamas Event by Chanelle Megan Photography
Perth Mums are encouraged to bring their children along with them to the Perth Mama Events. Photography by Chanelle Megan Photography.
Meet and make friends at the Perth Mamas events by Chanelle Megan Photography. Nothing is posed.
It's ok to have wine and take a selfie too. A photo within a photo captured by Chanelle Megan Photography at Blasta Brewing Co in Perth during a Perth Mamas event
The two founders of Perth Mamas; Lauren and Laura at one of their events by Chanelle Megan Photography
Chanelle Megan Photography captures candid and authentic moments during a Perth Mamas event.
Blasta Brewing Co in Perth after a Perth Mamas event. Image taken by Chanelle Megan Photography

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