Project Something Beautiful +++ REFLECT

1. [with object] (of a surface or body) throw back (heat, light, or sound) without absorbing it.

2. Usually reflect on/upon [no object] Think deeply or carefully about.
— Oxford English Dictionary

As I sit here and reflect on what 2017 was for me, I find so many flaws in myself that I hope to improve for 2018. I need to take action, become more accountable, be more organised (I say this one every year actually) and I need to say YES more often, not just in photography, but in my everyday life too. 

Though, I can also reflect on the work that I've done and be proud of what I achieved. I've become fitter and stronger and braver and am now in my fifth year of my journey through motherhood.

In 2017 I believe I produced some of my best work yet and my biggest moment was in October, when I officially started this business, Chanelle Megan Photography, and I became an ACTUAL business owner. (Talk about the nerves of actually pushing go on that button!) I made the website, the business cards and even got a few clients under the belt. I have told myself for the last 3 years that I wanted to be in business, but I am so glad that I trusted my gut and held off until I felt my photography was up to a good standard, because now when I deliver photos to clients, I can truely be happy and excited, knowing this is my best work yet, and as 2018 ticks over, I'll continue to hone in on my skills through workshops and plenty of practice to be able to consistently deliver my best.

Lets do this 2018!

This post is part of a series and a blog circle titled "Project Something Beautiful". Each post will have a different theme and I encourage you to follow the circle around and see how some of my friends interpret each of them differently. I'm so excited to able to participate in this project, and next up is the beautiful Michelle from Magic & Grace, I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do.