Their Story On The Beach | A Mummy + Me Beach Photography Session

They got to run, dance, be free, snuggle and watch their first sunset of the summer on the beach together during our mummy and me photography session.

A mummy and me photography session on the beach by Chanelle Megan Photography

Capturing their story on one of Perths many beautiful beaches | Mummy + Me Photography

After leaving this session, I was filled with so much happiness with how the whole evening had gone. I feel like I left with new friends and couldn’t wait to finish the gallery for them! Even now a couple weeks on since posting the first sneak peek, I’m still in love with every single image! I think it’s in the beach. The beach always brings another aspect of emotion to images - but that could very well just be me too!

I met up with Kylie, and her daughter at a cafe/restaurant just across from the beach not far from her house, for a drink before our photoshoot. It was the perfect way to get to know them and let her daughter warm up to me, before I pulled out my camera. In saying that, her daughter was such a charmer, very confident, and one of those kids that would have been fine with my camera out from the get-go.

As the sun started sinking closer to the horizon, we headed to the seaside to begin our Mummy + Me photoshoot. The sun was warm, the wind was light, the sand was soft and because it was a Wednesday evening it meant the beach was rather unpopulated, the perfect scenario for any shoot! Besides playing games with the incoming waves, these two really enjoyed a good dance and twirl together. Their dresses provided the perfect amount of texture and movement that really made my heart sing as I captured these images too.

Kylie’s daughters favourite song at the moment is Let It Go, so I cranked that a few of times for her. She really loves that song so much, that it was hard for her to smile for me, because she was concentrating very intently on singing all the right words! So cute and a perfect insight to her personality. These guys also got to watch and enjoy their first sunset of the summer together and that’s an opportunity I’m so thankful to be able to share with others. Sunrise or Sunset, the world is full of miraculous occurrences that are so easily taken for granted!

My hope in sharing these images, is that you will be inspired to take your babies out and just enjoy a piece of nature with them. Bask in the sunlight breathe the fresh air and dance like no-one else is watching.

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