Project Something Beautiful +++ HESITANT

Tentative, unsure, or slow in acting or speaking.
— oxford english dictionary

I often find myself hesitant to do things, hesitant to go out and have fun. All for what? All incase something 'bad' should happen, something unplanned, heck, dare we run out of day light or have to have 2 meals of food covered. I should also mention, I am a highly realistic and practical girl, so when hesitation strikes, this is the basis of it. Doesn't make me sound like a very exciting person to be around does it? Although in saying this, I can be persuaded by the right people too. What's with this trait or fear, I'm unsure, but I'm well aware of it and despite trying pretty hard sometimes, It's very difficult to let it go and so the best I can do in these instances, is except it.

I want to share these images with you today as part of this post though, because I believe they might tell a slightly different story about the other side of me. The side that so badly wants to be free, the playful side, the wild side, the carefree side, the peace seeker and nature lover, the side that will never fully be, because that practical side tell will always make sure I am to proceed with caution. 

This post is part of a series and a blog circle titled "Project Something Beautiful". Each post will have a different theme and I encourage you to follow the circle around and see how some of my friends interpret each of them differently. I'm so excited to able to participate in this project, and next up is the sweet Thuvan from Frame this Moment Photography in Texas. I love her take on photography, believing that "a moment captured is a moment treasured."