These are the Memories: A Maternity Family Photography Session

The first thing I did when I found out their location, was jump onto Google Earth to scope out the surroundings and find a place perfect enough to not only capture this fleeting time of their life, but a place where there was enough freedom for me to not be in their faces the whole time and allow the genuine emotion to come through.

Chanelle Megan Photography documents a fleeting moment in time for this young pregnant family in Perth.

I know Alisha through our morning crossfit sessions, and let me tell you, just because she is 34 weeks pregnant, that does not mean she takes it any easier! This woman is a machine! Every time she works out, friends are always asking her how she is going and they are in awe of her still being committed to attending every other day. She continuously out does me, and many others around her!

All of that aside, when Alisha and her husband James agreed to having their photos taken, I was so excited. I knew she was fit and that playing around all afternoon with her family was going to be literally ‘a walk in the park’.

After scoping out locations near her using the Google Earth app, I discovered this gorgeous and peaceful place. It was almost hard to believe how close to Perth City we truely were. From the car park to the waters edge, it was a good half hour stroll, but that was perfectly ok, and it gave me plenty of time for their soon-to-be 2 year old to warm up to me.

The theme through out our session was inspired from the story “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”. We didn’t quite find a bear, but there was plenty of wildlife, from birds to kangaroos, to keep their son entertained. With all the fun had and captured, I wouldn’t have ever been able to tell that their little man was having a melt down right before they met up with me. Alisha described her son as such a “poker-faced boy” too and she couldn’t believe it upon opening her gallery that he was smiling in most of the images!

All up, their maternity session may have been about an hour if that, from the car, to the waters edge and back again. It felt much longer than that, but it was just the right amount of time to capture some family memories for them. This time of their life right now, is so fleeting; pregnancy is only a total of 10 months max and some people don’t make it nearly that far. Before these guys know it, they’ll be knee-deep in nappy changes and late night feedings all over again with their impending arrival, and I am so honoured to have been able to capture this time in their life right now. These are the memories that they’ll be looking back on a few years down the track, and like the many before them, they’ll wonder where on earth the time went!

These are the memories; documenting a moment in time, and maybe even one of the last records they have together as a family of 3, before they become 4. This maternity session was not one of photographing any old images, but rather one of creating memories and living in the moment.

Perth Family and Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Chanelle Megan Photography

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